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6月18日,今天!美国白宫将举办Maker Faire

6月18日,今天!美国白宫将举办Maker Faire,同时奥巴马总统会宣布将每年的6月18日定为国家创客日,对于全世界的maker都是一个值得纪念的日子!

Maker Faire Coming to the White House

Today the Obama Administration announced its plan to host a Maker Faire at the White House this year.

Details are still in the works, but the White House tapped 16-year-old maker Joey Hudy to help spread the news. Joey sat with First Lady Michelle Obamaat last week’s State of the Union address. And two years ago Joey wowed Obama with his marshmallow cannon at the White House Science fair.

As you might expect, Joey is thrilled.

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