Tagtal Designed and Made in Chengdu, 成都造 iPencil

Tagtal is a startup focusing on next generation human machine interaction. T-Stylus is our frist product aligned to our vision.

In our vision, there are three existing generations of HMI in practice.
1. Dark age with no GUI;
2. WIMP GUI, WIMP stands for "windows, icons, menus, pointer", e.g. Microsoft Windows
3. Touch GUI, e.g. iOS

The next one is:
4. Digital Touch GUI. In which, digital content transferring flows get mixed with human moving flows and data transferring happend at the contact points between finger (instrument) and the surface of screen*. What you see is what you can carry on and transfer among screens.

User interface is operating system. Digital Touch GUI will go further beyond HMI. It will give you innovative and intuitive ways of data manipulation and new perspectives of relationship between people and data, physical and cyber world